Winter is here, which means it is more important than ever to optimize your vehicle for cold weather in Olathe, KS. When you bring your vehicle to the Service Center at CarStoreUSA, you can get your car ready for snow, ice, and rough road conditions. Here are some ideas for winter service for your vehicle.

Install Snow Tires

When snow is on the road in Overland Park, your vehicle can become much more difficult to handle. Even a small layer of snow can make accelerating and braking difficult for vehicles with all-season tires. Winter tires have wider, deeper treads that are specially shaped to slough away snow and water, giving your vehicle significantly better traction.

Change to Winter Wiper Blades

Regular wiper blades can struggle to clear snow and ice off the windshield. Winter wiper blades are made from tougher, stiffer rubber, so you can keep your windshield clear as you drive all over Derby.

Get Battery Service

Big swings in temperature can take a toll on your car battery. You never want to get stuck in your driveway in Park City, KS, in a car that can't go anywhere due to a dead battery. Bring your vehicle to our Service Center to get the battery checked and, if necessary, replaced.

Change Your Oil

Engine oil is one of your vehicle's most important components. Oil lubricates, cleans, and cools the engine, and needs to be replaced regularly. Be sure not to miss your vehicle's winter oil change interval.

Visit the CarStoreUSA Service Center Today

If you are ready to get your vehicle ready for the winter, then you will want to visit the Service Center and CarStoreUSA. To schedule a service appointment or to learn more about our services, contact us today!

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