Why Selling Your Car to Our Dealership Is a Good Idea

When attempting to sell your beloved vehicle, you may find yourself spending a substantial amount of time fighting off low-ballers who insist on presenting you with insulting offers, while dedicating the other moments to dodging the scammers of the land. Fortunately for you, our dealership would be happy to make the purchase today. Here is why you should choose us instead of a private buyer.

You Can Take Advantage of the KBB Instant Cash Offer

We employ the Kelly Blue Book Instant Cash Offer which provides you with a generous amount that honors the true value of your vehicle, factoring in all of its special features on the very day in which it is requested. You will have three days to take advantage of the offer, and its value will remain the same whether you would like to trade your vehicle in or to sell it altogether.

The Approval Process Is Seamless

The terms for selling us your vehicle completely differ from those of a leasing process. You will not have to meet any special qualifications nor will we require you to handle any repairs that are due. In fact, we are ready to purchase your vehicle as is, without all of the fuss. To alleviate even more stress, the professionals of our dealership will carry out all of the footwork, eliminating the possibility of any mistakes or legal issues.

You Can Apply It Towards Your Purchase

When done independently, selling a car then proceeding to purchase another one can be a timely, exhausting mission. However, we make it easy for our customers by providing you with the resources and assistance to get both done in one sitting. If and when you find the car of your dreams on our lot, you can trade your current vehicle in to cover a good portion of the cost. You may be able to get away with paying little to no money upfront and extremely low monthly payments.

All in all, our dealership works in your best interest, and we are super excited for the opportunity to purchase your vehicle. Come visit us today to seal the deal.

We are proud to serve drivers in Overland Park; Derby, KS; Park City, KS; and Kansas City, KS.