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Shopping for car tires can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming with all the available brands and treads. Do you need a different tire for every season? What's the difference between a touring tire and a highway tire? What makes one manufacturer better than another? At CarStoreUSA Wichita, our technicians can help you decide on the best kind of tire for your Wichita driving.

Choosing New Tires

Before you go tire shopping, it's a good idea to think about the way you use your vehicle around Park City, KS. If you're commuting daily and don't really venture out onto rougher roads or encounter a lot of extreme weather conditions, a good all-around tire like an all-season will probably be an excellent choice. If you've got a truck and want to enjoy some off-roading in your spare time, you'll obviously want something that offers a toothy tread and plenty of grip. You may even want a dedicated winter or summer tire to maximize driving performance throughout the year for your particular vehicle. Your technician can help to narrow down the large array of tire manufacturers and tread types with the information you give them, so deciding what your driving priorities are is really helpful to the process.

Different Kinds of Tires

No matter what type of weather or road there is in the Kansas City area, there's a tire to optimize driving in or on it. Even though there are some very niche tire types, all car tires really boil down to three different kinds, all-season, summer and winter. If you've got a truck or SUV, you may want a lot of traction but don't want to listen to the added noise from nubby tires at highway speeds. Highway tires are a nice balance that offer grip but reduce road noise. If you've got a high performance vehicle, you can match it with touring or performance tires that will perform well at higher speeds while also providing suitable traction.

Seasonal Tires

If the weather gets too hot or too cold around Derby, you want to know that your tires can deliver reliable performance. A dedicated winter tire not only provides greater traction, but it also offers a unique chemical composition that keeps it from becoming stiff in cold temperatures. This suppleness allows it to conform better to the kind of uneven road surfaces you'll find with snow and ice. Similarly, a summer tire remains stiffer in hot temperatures that might make a normal tire fail to provide adequate traction. If you'd like specific seasonal tires, your technician can give you advice on the best type for your driving plans.

Tire Maintenance Services

To keep you from getting a flat or blowout while driving through Overland Park, regular tire maintenance is key. Things like testing your tire tread or taking a pressure reading are routine maintenance tasks you can do yourself, but your technician will also be happy to help. Maintaining the correct pressure will help your tires wear at an appropriate rate so that you don't create especially weak patches prematurely.

Tire rotation also helps avoid uneven wear by changing the position of your tires so that no single tire has to remain in high-wear positions for very long. If you don't have your tires rotated frequently enough, you may find yourself needing a new set sooner than necessary.

Wheel alignment is a service you usually get when purchasing and installing a new set of tires around Wichita, as the wheels need to be balanced in relation to your vehicle's suspension system. If your tire hits an obstacle, you may need an alignment to get the wheel back into the correct position.

We'll be happy to perform these services and more for you at CarStoreUSA Wichita. Schedule an appointment and bring your Kansas City vehicle down for some well-deserved tire service!

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